Top 5 Tips for Freshers in Cardiff 2021

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Top 5 Tips for Freshers in Cardiff 2021.

Whether you’re already a university student in Cardiff or a soon-to-be university student, we’ve made a list of our top five tips to make your life as a university student a whole lot easier.

1. Get A Bus Pass or Use NextBike.

Once the pandemic is over, you’ll need to start actually getting dressed and heading to university for classes again. Instead walking everywhere and getting drenched in the Welsh rain or taking an Uber and spending money you don’t have, take the bus! The Cardiff Bus app offers a discounted price for 16-21 year olds so be sure to take advantage of that rather than just using your card to pay on the spot which ends up costing more. In comparison, a “Week-To-Go Adult Pass” costs £14.50 whilst the “Week-To Go 16-21” costs just £9.40 meaning you can save up to £20 a month by using the ages 16-21 ticket discounts.

If you don’t like taking the bus and don’t have your own bike then be sure to take advantage of NextBike. NextBike offers rentable bikes all over the city with stations at almost every corner so the next time you’re running a little late to class, instead of walking, just hop on a bike and cycle to class! Plus, you’ll also be helping the environment in the process, so it’s a win-win!

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2. Make Your Own Food!

Want to burn through your cash or student loan quickly? Then rely on takeouts and cup noodles for your meals! If you’re actually trying to save money and don’t want to go broke before the end of the month then you need to start learning how to cook your own meals. It’s honestly not that hard and you’ll end up saving way more money in the long run so why no teach yourself how to cook? If you ever run out of ideas on what you can make then here’s a list of Cheap and Easy Meals for Students.

Too lazy to go food shopping? Don’t worry, we’ve got you again! Shop with Deliverbuzz and get your groceries delivered to your door in 30-60 mins! Use code: “TRYDELIVERBUZZ” to get free delivery on your first order!

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3. Go to Freshers Fair and Get Involved.

If you’re going to be a fresher in Cardiff and you’re worried about making friends, then be sure to go to Freshers Fair and get involved with all the societies you’re interested in. Maybe even tryout for sports teams or join a club to try something new. Yes, it might feel intimidating at first but at the end of the day, no one is judging you and everyone’s there to meet new people and make new friends.

Cardiff Uni Societies

Cardiff Met Societies

USW Societies

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4. Make Budget Plan.

One mistake a lot of freshers tend to make is spending all of their money on Freshers Week. Don’t be that person. If you don’t want to end up with £5.00 in you’re account then make a budget and stick to it. Make sure you list you’re monthly expenses such as electricity/water/gas bills, Netflix subscription, phone plan, insurance, etc. Then, start planning out how much you want to spend on groceries, transportation, entertainment, etc. You’re going to need to do it in the future so why not start now?

Here’s a guide on how to make your first budget plan for university.

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5. Don’t Procrastinate.

Finally, everyone’s worst enemy, procrastination. We know you’ve heard it a hundred times but if you’re really looking to make your university life easier then you need to make sure that you start your assignments as soon as you can. If you actually start your assignments a week or two in advance instead of 1-2 days before the deadline, you’ll realise how easy it actually is and the people who are complaining about how hard university is, are mostly those who leave their assignments to the last minute. Do yourself a favour and don’t procrastinate.

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