How To Register Your Store?
  • 1. Registering You Store
  • 2. After You've Been Accepted
  • 3. Creating Your Store
  • 4. Setting Up Your Store

The first step in joining DeliverBuzz as a partner store is submitting your registration request. To do this you must visit 

From there you must click on the Join Us button which is placed several times throughout the information page. When you click that button it will take you to the registration page which should look like this:

DeliverBuzz Register Store

At this stage we only require basic information to process your request. As you can see above, we only require your Business' Name, Email Address and Phone Number. Select your password as you will need it to sign in after your joining request has been accepted.

After you have submitted your joining request, a member of our team will process your request. If you are accepted, you will receive an email from us informing you, and it will provide details for the next steps to create your Business' Profile.

In some cases, we may require more information regarding your Business in order for us to accept your request, but for the most part, we are able to accept your request almost immediately.

In the email you received from us informing you that we had accepted your request to join, there should have been a link that will take you to the login page. You can also access it here or you can access any of the seller information, including other guides on our Seller Dashboard page.

Follow either of these links to manage and set up your store. When you reach the Login Page, you will need to use the Email Address and Password that you used when you submitted your joining request.

We have created a separate, detailed guide with all the information you need to guide you through the store set up process. You can view that guide by clicking here.