Accepting, Preparing and Packaging Orders
  • 1. Accepting/Rejecting Orders
  • 2. Preparing The Order
  • 3. Packaging The Order
  • 4. When The Courier Arrives
  • 5. After The Order

That's it, your store is now fully set-up, activated and you're ready to start taking orders! Congrats!

All you have to do now, is 'Accept' or 'Reject' orders as they come through. Whenever an order comes through, it will be visible on the Store Manager Mobile/Tablet App, and also on the Admin Dashboard Panel. You will receive both an email notification and also a push notification via the mobile/tablet app.

Via the Admin Dashboard: Accepting orders through the admin panel dashboard is simple. All you have to do, is sign in to your Account by visiting the Admin Dashboard. When you arrive at the home page, click on the 'Orders' Tab which you will find on the left hand side menu panel. It will take you to a page that looks like this: 

Orders screen

As you can see, there is one order showing, and it's showing in red. Pending orders will show up in red until you have Accepted or Rejected the order. To do this, you can either scroll across to the right and click the accept/reject icon, or you can click on the order to see it in more detail. If you click for more detail, you will see the following screen: 

orders page

You can now see the order details as well as the customers details, and you also have the option to Accept or Reject the order.

You can also edit the preparation time for the order if you need more time than usual to get the order ready for collection, for example if you're busier than usual. This will alert the courier to arrive after that extra time. You can track your couriers arrival after you've accepted the order.

If you have a printer available, you can also print the order details here by clicking the printer icon in the top right corner of the page. 

Option 2, via the Store Manager Mobile App: The second, and the easiest option for accepting orders in a small shop, is to accept order using the Store Manager App, called Vendor: DeliverBuzz.

You can download the Store manager app using these links:

iOS (apple devices): Click here to visit the App Store.

Google Play (Android Devices): Click here to visit the Play Store.

Visit the appropriate link for the device you're using and download the app. After downloading the app, launch it and you'll be presented with a login screen. Simply use the same email address and password you used to create your DeliverBuzz Store. After logging in, you'll be taken to the home screen. The home screen will display your pending orders. To view your order, you need to click on the Order List Icon at the bottom of the page. 

When you have a pending order, it will show up here. It should look like this: 

pending order

All you need to do here, is either click the Accept or Reject button. When you Accept an order, the nearest courier is automatically notified of the pickup task, and will arrive at the specified collection time determined by the preparation time you set previously.

Now it's time to prepare the order ready for collection. 

You should have previously set the amount of time it will take to prepare the order in your Account Preferences. The time you set there is the time the courier will arrive after to collect the order for delivery. For example, if you set a preparation time of 30 minutes, the courier will arrive 30 minutes after the order was placed to collect the order. Please ensure it is ready to avoid  unnecessary waiting for both your customer, and our courier.

If you need extra time to prepare the order for any reason, you can add extra preparation time by visiting the orders section on the Admin Dashboard.

Now it's time to package the order ready for collection.

Items not available: If for any reason a specific item is not available, you can contact the customer to inform them and ask whether they would like an alternative item, or a refund for that item. To issue a partial refund, accept the order and then notify a DeliverBuzz Admin via the chat available in the App or Admin Dashboard, and we will process the partial refund immediately.

Packaging Items: Please ensure that the order is packaged in carrier bags, or a box and it's suitable to fit in the couriers cycle backpack. Please ensure that you have packaged it appropriately and safely to make sure that the order cannot be easily damaged.

If possible, please place the items inside bags which can be sealed either by sticking the top down, or by tying the top of the bag up. We ask that you do this in order to prevent items falling out during transit. We will be providing our own range of packaging shortly, so if you require this then please contact us here.

It is important that the bags are sealed wherever possible to ensure that the orders have not been tampered with from start to finish. It prevents improper accusations anywhere along the delivery process.

Labelling The Packaging: For any bags or packages you have prepared for the order, place a sticky label on the outside with the order number and first line of the address on. If you have a printer, these can be printed off from the orders section on both the App and Admin Dashboard. This is because sometimes our couriers will deliver more than one order at a time, and it ensures the customers always receive the correct order.

Fragile Items: If any items are particularly fragile, take extra precautions to package the item and also notify the courier when they arrive that the item is fragile. Our couriers are trained to ensure that fragile items are looked after, but we ask that you provide protective packaging where appropriate.

Food & Drink: Please ensure that food and drink are packaged in ways that cannot be spilled. This means putting any items that might be able to tip or spill contents, in sealed containers. Whilst our couriers always take every measure to ensure safe delivery, sometimes it's unavoidable. Please make sure they are packaged in sealed containers that cannot be leaked through and place inside a bag ready for delivery. We will also be providing our own range of packaging for this shortly, please get in touch if you would like to find out more.


Now that you've prepared and packaged the order, the courier will arrive around the specified preparation time. You can track the couriers arrival by clicking the tracking link available in the App and Dashboard. You will also receive a notification when the courier arrives to collect the order.

When the courier arrives, you should confirm the order number and delivery address with the courier to ensure you are handing over the correct order. Ask the courier to confirm these details to you and feel free to ask the courier if you can see the app to confirm this.

If there are any fragile items, please ensure you make the courier aware of this.

You do not have to do anything else now, as the system will automatically mark the order as collected and a notification will be sent to the customer that their order is on the way. Both you and the customer will be able to track the couriers arrival.

The system will automatically notify the customer that their order has been picked up by the courier and is on its way. Both you can the customer can track the courier as they make the delivery by clicking the tracking link available in the App and Dashboard.

When the order has been delivered successfully, you will receive a notification informing you so.

If there are any problems with the delivery then the courier will contact us to inform us. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they are available to accept the order. The courier will wait for a short period of time to attempt to deliver the order, but may leave the order with a neighbour if the customer does not respond to calls or messages.