Affordable Online Ordering & Delivery Management For Takeaways

Get your Independent Food business set up for simple Online Ordering. Make it easier to take orders online via Card or PayPal and manage your orders with our Online Ordering & Delivery Management.

Offer easy online ordering for Takeaway and Collection, and manage your delivery drivers using our driver and manager apps.

Easily Take Orders Online

It’s easy for you and easy for your customers. We’ll help you set up your Restaurant page. All you need to do is send us your menu!

When your Restaurant is all set up and ready to start taking orders, you can share your unique QR code, your store’s link, or your customers can find you on the Deliverbuzz website and app with a quick search.

They can browse your menu and place their order directly online, paying with either Card or PayPal. You can also accept cash on delivery if you’d like to.

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Partner Features & FAQ's

We provide an on demand delivery service for local businesses, including retailers, stores and restaurants. We can deliver anything to anywhere in Cardiff, in minutes!

DeliverBuzz can deliver anything, from anywhere! If you sell it (and it’s legal to do so), we can deliver it. We can also provide custom orders, for customers who want to request a product you haven’t listed. This includes hot, fresh and frozen food!

All you need to get started is a smartphone, tablet or laptop! The sign up process is simple, and its just as simple to upload your products. Simply register, and when accepted you can create your store. All you need  to do is add a name, price and picture to your product and then it goes live!

You will need to have a smartphone available in the store so that you can accept or reject orders as they come through. You can use your login details to sign in to more than one device so your staff can also have access. You can then track your courier as they complete your delivery.

Our fastest delivery option provides delivery to your location in minutes. We also offer scheduled deliveries. If you business has recurring delivery requirements, please contact us at and a member of our team will provide more information.

Make the returns process easier for your customers by offering same-day returns and collections. This service is available with certain upgrade plans.

Our platform enables integration with existing POS software systems such as Revel and Square. If you already use one of those systems, you can easily integrate your inventory with the DeliverBuzz platform.

We do not charge our partners when they join. Our service is free to join! There are upgrade options available, but the free plan offers everything you need to get started! 

We only charge fees for on boarding sessions, which includes a full platform tutorial for all staff and product photography and uploading. This again is entirely optional and is very simple to complete yourselves. Our support team will always be there to guide you through!

If you would require an on boarding session, then please contact us at for more information.

It costs nothing to get your store’s products delivered by us. We only take a 10% commission on every sale! Thats right, just 10%! This is far less than our competitors who charge nearly 4X that for a very similar service! You can find out more about our pricing structure, and payment payout processes in the partner terms and conditions here.

If you are a charity, we will not charge a commission for sales on your products. Please contact us directly for more information about charities at

If our current business model doesn’t work for you, let us know what your business needs, and DeliverBuzz will provide it.

Contact us at for more information.

Currently we operate in Cardiff & Newport only, and we cover the main areas in and around the city. Please head to our online shop and enter your address to see if delivery is available to your location.

We are growing fast and we will be looking to expand our delivery range, and move into other towns and cities outside of Cardiff in early 2020. If you’d like to see your area covered, let us know!

There are several things that we can do to help your business grow and increase your sales. Some of these benefits are explained above, but we’ve also compiled a few more things here to help you understand things a little better.

 If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us here.

Future Proof Your Business

Outshine online competitors by offering your customers on-demand delivery of your products.

Don’t let your business fall victim to the digital revolution, future proof your retail business now and stay ahead of the game. Is your business ready?

Reach More Customers

Not only can we deliver to your existing customer base, you’ll also get instant access to our entire marketplace customer base.

Even bad weather such as rain and cold can reduce your physical store traffic. Offer on-demand delivery now and offer frictionless shopping to your loyal customers.