General Admin Assistant (Kickstart)

Cardiff – Kickstart Scheme

We’re delighted to be able to to offer this Admin Assistant role as part of the Government Kickstart Scheme. This is an exciting opportunity to gain skills and experience doing multiple different tasks.

This opportunity will be available to those who are 16-24 years old and currently unemployed. This position will last for 6 months minimum.

About The Role

This is an exciting opportunity to start or continue a career in a Business Administration role. You’ll be tasked with numerous responsibilities such as:

  • Handling and responding to customer enquiries and complaints over live chat and email.
  • Managing and updating our online shop product databases.
  • Assisting with delivery management tools.
  • Assisting our marketing team with social media activities.

You will need to be comfortable using a variety of different computer programmes and applications and you will need to be confident and excited at the opportunity to learn a variety of new skills.

Full training will be provided throughout the placement for every task and we will also provide general employability skills such as CV writing and teamwork skills.

Eligibility Criteria

This role is supported by the Government Kickstart Jobs Scheme aimed at supporting young people impacted by the pandemic back into work. Therefore this position is only available to those who meet the criteria of the scheme. You must be:

  • 16-24 Years Old
  • Unemployed and on Universal Credit

To apply, you need to contact your Job Centre and ask to be referred to this opportunity.

About Us

We are Deliverbuzz, a fast-growing technology business based in Cardiff, UK. We provide an online & app-based ordering platform for local shops and restaurants. We also have a network of couriers to deliver orders to local customers from those shops and restaurants within 30-60 minutes. We’re looking to increase our partnerships with local businesses, to create a virtual high-street that delivers.

If that all sounds good to you, then submit your application below!

Deliverbuzz Ltd

United Kingdom

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