6 Amazing Independent Bookstores In Cardiff.

Independent bookstores in Cardiff

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Looking to learn something new or pick up that next exciting novel? Luckily, there’s a great selection of bookstores in Cardiff. Whether it’s new or second-hand books you’re after, you can be sure you’ll find something here.

Sit back, relax and check out our list of 6 Amazing Independent bookstores in Cardiff. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to pick up a new title or two 😛

1. The Wellfield Bookshop.

This independent family-run bookstore has been going strong since 1982! The Wellfield Bookshop in Roath is a cosy little place that’s packed to the brim with books and other learning essentials.  

You can find some really unique titles here, and it’s a great place just to have a browse. You never know what you might find! The small, friendly team are really passionate about what they do, and their expertise goes a long way if you need help choosing a book

They sell a range of fiction and non-fiction titles. They stock children’s books, travel guides, textbooks and some welsh language titles too. If you can’t find a book that you’re looking for, the team can also order it to the store for you. 

This place doesn’t just sell books by the way! You can also find gifts, stationery, and a range of other things. It’s a great place if you need to get uni supplies!

The Wellfield Bookshop. 16 Wellfield Road, Roath, CF24 3PB. Check out their page here!

2. Bear Island Book Exchange.

Found in Cardiff’s indoor market. The Bear Island Book Exchange offers a great selection of second-hand books. You can pick up your favourite titles here super cheap!

The store is crammed full of books on every subject. Fantasy, science fiction, thrillers, language books, you name it! This place is absolutely jam-packed with books, not just on the shelves either! It might look a little intimidating at first, but the owner is always happy to give you a hand if you need help finding something.

The store will also happily buy and trade stock. If you’re looking for that next exciting title, try taking your old books to exchange for something you haven’t read before 😉

Bear Island Book Exchange. Cardiff Market, St Mary St, Cardiff CF10 2AU.

3. Troutmark Books.

Troutmark Books can be found in the Castle Arcade, right opposite the entrance to Cardiff Castle. If you’re after rare and unusual secondhand books, look no further because this place is an absolute gem!

The store has 3 floors and a monster collection of titles. It’s also one of the best bookstores in Cardiff if you’re a fan of comic books. They have a TON of retro items in really good condition, as well as a great selection of antique books and rare first editions. 

The store is organised really well and finding books in this place is a breeze! The owners are always on the lookout for new stock, so they’ll happily buy books from you to add to their collection!

Troutmark Books. 39-43 Castle Arcade, CF10 1BW. Check them out here!

4. Cant a Mill.  

Cant a Mil is another great independent bookstore on Whitchurch Road. They specialise in welsh language books for adults and children. Whether you’re looking to pick up a welsh language novel, or someone who wants to learn the local lingo, this is the place to go!

They sell a range of new and second-hand Welsh books. Novels, Biography’s, GCSE/A Level Textbooks, and much more! They also have a good selection of Welsh language greetings cards, vinyl records, toys and other Wales related gifts 🙂 

The staff at Cant a Mill are all fluent welsh speakers and really go out of their way to help people learning the language. If you’re looking to try something new, they also host weekly conversation and reading groups at the store!

Cant a Mil. 100 Whitchurch Rd, CF14 3LY Click here for more information. 

5. Oxfam Bookshop.

The Oxfam Bookshop on Saint Mary’s street Is a little different from your regular Oxfam stores. You might have already guessed from the name, but this place only sells second-hand books.

It’s a well-organised bookshop with a great variety. You won’t have any problem picking up a new read here 🙂 Although the books are pre-owned, they’re in great condition and super cheap too. This place is an absolute must for book lovers looking to find a good deal!

Although this place isn’t an independent store, it’s definitely worth the visit. Most of Oxfam’s profits are donated to organisations that help fight poverty. There’s always some great finds here, so grab a bargain and support the charity!

The Oxfam Bookshop. 36 St Mary St, CF10 1AD. You can find out more here

6. Griffin Books.

Griffin Books is Penarth’s only independent bookstore and opened in the Windsor Arcade back in 2014. They sell a selection of books from local welsh authors, signed autobiographies, textbooks, and more. They also have a great selection of children’s books.

Griffin also offers a book subscription service, which is a really nice touch! Customers can tell the staff what they’re interested in, and they’ll receive a custom bundle of books every month. They currently offer 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions. The books can be posted to your door or collected from the shop:)

This family-run business really cares about what they do and always go the extra mile to help their customers. They host monthly book clubs for adults and children, as well as regular author events, book signings, and much more! You can find more information about these events here.

9A Windsor Rd, Penarth CF64 1JB. Check out their website here

Although buying books online might be a little bit cheaper, picking up your next read from a local store can really make a difference. We at PopTo are determined to do our part in supporting the local community and have a growing list of Cardiff based partners. We deliver items from a range of local stores, straight to your door in less than an hour! Check out our website and support your local businesses 🙂

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