10 Freshers Essential Items You Need to Bring to University in September 2021 to Make Your Experience The Best!

first time freshers in uni living

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first time freshers in uni living
10 Freshers Essential Items You Need to Bring to University in September 2021 to Make Your Experience The Best! 2

So you’re moving to uni in September? And you’re unsure of what to bring to freshers?…

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From one student to another, understanding what you need to bring to university without ever going to university is an impossible task.

Here’s an essentials list of all things we feel you need for your move to uni…

1. Alcohol

It might seem obvious, but leaving to get your alcohol when you’re already in uni could be a mistake… Doing a food shop of the essentials before that move will not only save you time, but money too. Getting the expensive things out of the way first allows you to spend your loan on the things that you really do need first term, and even better, if you can get your parents to pay as a “uni moving present” you’re already winning. Alcohol is not just a freshers must have, but a uni must have all round!

With the PopTo app, alcohol can be delivered to your uni accommodation in less than an hour, so the party never has to stop!

2. Extension leads

DO NOT just bring one. I repeat. Don not just bring one! You definitely need at least three. It might seem excessive but trust me the things are life savers. It will be no surprise moving into your uni halls that plug sockets are in the most inconvenient places, and not even just in your room. They are EVERYWHERE. Having a few extension leads not only saves the issue of not being able to charge your phone by your bed at night, but also allows you to charge your laptop, headphones and tablet all at the same time. As well, make sure they are long ones, it’s better to have excess wire about than not enough.

Amazon provides a wide range of extension leads, all different shapes, sizes and prices! here’s one we think will do just fine https://www.amazon.co.uk/pro-elec-Slim-Extension-White/dp/B07MPWCZB4/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=extra+long+extension+lead&qid=1619172857&sr=8-3

3. Multiple bed sheets

Just like the extension leads, one isn’t enough. Telling yourself that you are going to be all mature about washing things and that you will 100% wash and dry your bed sheets on the same day is just not going to happen… I promise. Do your future freshers self a favour and buy at least three, that way, when wash day does come round and you can’t be asked to make the trip to the wash room, you don’t have to. (But still do your washing. Please.)

4. Fancy dress

An odd one, but trust me a freshers necessity! First year could bring a whole load of reasons to need fancy dress like pub crawls, freshers socials and society related events, so having one on arrival could save you time and money.

5. Over radiator dryer/ clothes dryer

Don’t let it come to a shock to you when you go to do your first wash and it costs about £5 a time, it’s criminal. But, having an over radiator dryer or one of those big ones that holds a lot of clothes could save you ALOT of money in the grand scheme for things. Keeping the tumble drier to just big items like sheets and towels will save you so much time, effort and money.

Again, Amazon is a great place to get one of these. Here’s links to an over the radiator one as well as a 3 tier indoor dryer.

6. Good waterproof speaker

If your housemates are going to be anything like mine, music is always a must. Investing in a speaker yourself is also handy as you won’t need to be borrowing anyone else’s all the time. As well, having it in the shower, when you’re cleaning and even studying can help in more ways than one…

Here’s a link to a great SONY speaker that I personally use. Waterproof, lightweight, loud and long lasting. An all round great speaker. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-SRS-XB12-Portable-Waterproof-Wireless/dp/B07MPQFSN9/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=sony+speaker&qid=1619182556&sr=8-4

7. Fairy lights

These are a must. They can truly transform a room or living area, making it feel that little bit more cosy. Another perk, they’re cheap and easy to use! What more could you want than easy cheap decor?

8. Batteries

Definitely an item that belongs on a freshers essentials list. Having a few batteries lying around really does help when in need, and can be more ‘essential’ than you think. Going hand in hand with your new fairy lights, controls and consoles, batteries are definitely an item everyone needs when moving to uni.

9. Games

Great for passing time and making friends. Board games or card games can really help break the ice on the first few days at uni. Getting to know people as well as their competitive streaks can really help, as well, they can also be turned into some fun drinking games. A first time freshers must have!

10. Bed desk

The holy grail of study equipment (in my opinion). A saving grace on a hangover day when you really should be doing uni work, or if you just can be bothered to move from bed. As well, if lockdown continues (lets hope it doesn’t) it will be your best friend. The excuse of not wanting to move from your bed will be one no more! it makes uni work that little bit more bearable.

Here’s a link to a bed desk that is cheap and cheerful! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B088H7GD4S/ref=twister_B08D63GHR7?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Lucky for you freshers, a majority of these items can be found on the PopTo app, so don’t worry if you come to uni and forget one, we’ve got you covered.

Becoming a fresher can be a very daunting thing, especially after the year we’ve had. Make the most of it. Learn a lot. And most importantly, have fun!

Good Luck!!

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